Payment Solutions

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Payment Solutions

Connect Your Ecommerce Store or App

Allow your customers to pay in more ways without worrying about merchant fee increases that affect your bottom line.

No merchant Service Fees

You Do Have a Voice

Credit card processing companies don't want business owners to know how to avoid paying fees on their monthly statement. We provide expert services to eliminate these fees, so you save more money- the money you deserve in the first place.

0% Fees
No more monthly fees, batch fees, swipe fees, interchange fees, or increases.
100% Profits
We handle all of the fees so your monthly merchant account statement is free and clear, increasing your bottom line.
customer processing payment online
customer making a purchase from a computer


If you're running your business completely online, we can make your life easier with our cutting edge program designed to help process online payments with ease, without incurring hefty fees.

customer making a purchase from a cell phone


Our services cover a wide-range of payment methods, including businesses that use mobile credit card readers. We can easily take a look at your system and pinpoint where you can save.

Business owner checking merchant fees on his cell phone

Fast Funding

There is no waiting around when you're running a business. our Next Day Funding ensures an 11 pm Eastern cutoff time to get your money when the bank opens.

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