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We can help your business save every month by  lowering or eliminating credit card fees that take away from your hard-earned profits.

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Can You Really Avoid Paying Fees?

YES YOU CAN! However, it may not be right for every business. If you're tired of credit card processors taking thousands of dollars from your monthly deposits and raising your rates, there are solutions! We are the experts that can help you navigate the best way for your business.

Cut the fees, No More hassle

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A Personalized Approach

We are in control of all pricing and can customize a plan that significantly adds to your bottomline.

Total Convenience

We work with you to develop the appropriate pricing model, be it Interchange Plus, Flat Fee, Flat Rate, Surcharge, or Cash Discount.

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5-Star Customer Service

Receive personalized service and communication, regardless of the size of your business.

100% Your Money

We can literally give you the ability to pay zero merchant fees and keep all of your monthly profits- it's really that simple.

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Custom payment Processing

A Solution For Every Business

Credit Card processing is expensive for business owners. However, not taking credit card payments can have a profound effect on your business. If you're getting bogged down with credit card fees, we can help.

No matter the circumstances of your business, we can sit down with you to tailor a custom plan that cuts or eliminates merchant service fees and increases your bottom-line.

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Client Testimonials

The smiles speak for themselves! See what our happy clients have to see about our services.

Happy female business owner
"Very happy with the service from No Merchant Service Fees. They really took the time to get to know my business and how to best help me save. Very caring and knowledgeable!"

Tanya Lourdes

Happy younger business owner
"The money I've been able to save each month on credit card processing fees is unbelievable. It really does make a difference, and this team really knows their stuff to get it done right."

Mark Alexander

Business owner in suite
"I took a chance and booked a consultation with No Merchant Service Fees, and it's all history from there on out. I prefer working with them because of the attention to detail they give my business, the custom solutions that get results, and they're just overall fantastic to work with."

Anthony Baker

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